Rakesh Kadam

Cloud Engineer

I wear many hats and crave a challenge. Experience both in tech and sales. My geeky interests lie mostly in Linux, security, DevOps, infrastructure, and automation.

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  • Useful Docker Commands October 24, 2022
    Docker is used to build, share and deploy containerized applications.In this post, I’ll share essential docker commands that will help you steer through the world of Docker.Refer to this link for official documentation if you require additional optional along with below-mentioned docker commandsDocker CommandsList all running container$ docker psList all running and stopped container$ docker ps -aList all […]
  • Azure Fundamentals October 24, 2022
    Cloud ComputingService delivery model over the internet (cloud). This includes but is not limited tocompute power meaning servers such as Windows, Linux, hosting environments, etc. storage like files and/or databasesnetworking in azure but also outside when connecting to your company network — analytics services for visualization and telemetry dataKey conceptsscalability is the ability to scale, so allocate and […]