Azure: Governance

Governance 101 The governance in the cloud is critical as the processes and behavior is different in the cloud compared to on-premises. In the cloud by default, there are many types of public-facing services available (This could be bad). Governance is about the enforcement of rules and ensuring proper functioning to standards. Understanding your requirements Takes some time to understand your requirement which should take… Read More »Azure: Governance

Azure: Identity

The need for Identity For any service, it’s critical to be able to apply the principle of least privilege. This requires granting certain actions (roles) to certain security principals at a defined scope. We are focusing on security principles. Any actor should be uniquely identifiable. A central store for the identities is required along with capabilities to use them. Enter… Azure AD Azure AD is… Read More »Azure: Identity

Azure: Foundation

Cloud Services There are many types of cloud services. Theses services can be hosted within organizations own infrastructure – Private Cloud with full access to all aspects. From an external an external party accessed over the internet and made available to general public – Public Cloud. eg: Azure, Amazon Web Services. Some organization share an infrastructure which can be thought of as Community cloud. A… Read More »Azure: Foundation